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Solder Flux

Solder Flux

For each soldering surface FELDER GMBH has at your disposal the suitable solder flux.

Where soldering takes place usually it does not work without solder flux. Fluxes have the purpose to free the soldering surface from oxides and also to keep it free from oxide during the soldering process. However, the properties of oxides are different for each metal.

For example it is very difficult with aluminium to break up the oxide layer in order to achieve an optimum soldering joint. Whereas with copper it is easier. Here are, however, other factors which need to be considered. It is important to use a solder flux with an operating temperature that is lower than the working temperature of the solder.

In the electronics it is of great importance that the solder flux residues are as low as possible and, of course, that they do not have a corrosive effect on the soldering joint. Also the surface resistance is extremely important and has always to be ensured.

We have the perfect flux for your application and we are glad to advice you.

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