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Solder Wire for Electronic

FELDER GmbH has been producing solder wires for more than 30 years. The product range extends from simple solder wires filled with pure colophony across specialties for soldering stainless steel and aluminum up to a wide range of solder wires for the electronics and automotive industry.

Often the user is unaware of how many different solder wire types are available. If we start only with 20 standard types of fluxes with 2 to 3 different flux contents and all this then as a 1-cored solder wire, 3-cored solder wire or 5-cored solder wire, the types quickly add up to more than 100 varieties. We store most of the solder wire types in a diameter of 4.0 mm. So we remain very flexible and can on demand rapidly draw the solder wire to the diameter requested by you and wind it on the required spool.

In order to find the appropriate solder wire for your special application, we gladly send you our detailed product information. Of course, our application engineers are glad to support you with advice and assistance.

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